Thursday, August 19, 2010

dream come true.

So after months and months of begging my dad to buy me a macbook pro he finally pinky promised (best kinds of promises, how can you break them?) me he would buy it for me as a graduation present. Yesterday, after months and months of waiting I FINALLY got it and I was oh soooo happy!

Now not only did I get a macbook pro but I also got a FREE yes a FREE 8GB ipod touch! and I believe I also got $100 off the cost of the macbook. Also my dad bought me office mac program because I need it for school

Oh and let me tell you a story, the guy who was helping me out was I wanna say cute or at least there was something about him that attracted me to him (just throwing that out there not relevant what so ever), and so my friend Melissa asked him what if she didn't want to get the free ipod and he goes "why wouldn't you want to get a free ipod?" and Melissa's like true why wouldn't I want to get a free ipod, ahahaha but I totally understood her question.. see you have to buy the ipod when your there and then they send you a check paying you back the money for the ipod therefore its free and Meli just didn't want to pay for the ipod if she got the macbook cause moneys money you know! and then my cousin Eric who was also with us goes why dont you just get the free ipod and then sell it and make money! lmao WHAT A GENIUS! ..

then after that we got drinks idk what there called  but they have tapioca balls in them. 

oh also my friends are going to be in a soccer tournament so Perla, baby Kendra and I went to go see them practice because were not going to be playing. We kinda felt guilty cause while they were out there working up a sweat, we fatasses (yes perla you and I) were sitting down watching them but we had kids so it kinda made it okay. Now we dont want too get left behind so were going to try to keep running on the marina in the morning :) go us!

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