Friday, September 10, 2010

Doing what us girls do best.

So in the last couple weeks i been in the stores doing what i do
heres some pictures...
TJ Maxx
Perla and Rosa drinking tea
(Alice in Wonderland tea set )
Rosa rocking her new Rocawear glasses

My dad's step sister aka my aunt came to visit us from washington and she brought 
along her 2 girls as well as her 2 little nieces who I fell in love with. They stayed for 4 days, 
and as you can imagine it got a little crazy. I learned that my house is not child proof at all 
and that kids do the craziest things. Lets take Heidi (picture below) for example, she got in 
the middle of her 2 cousins fighting, she grabbed the smallest one (cause she's not dumb at all) pulled
her hair back and starting punching her in the back of the head, I didn't do a thing partly cause I 
was shocked (and cracking up..mean I know) and because it ended fast.anyways heres some pictures..

Heidi, 2 years old
loves to hate being loved, she always gives in tough.
Ashley,1 year old
she was sleepy so she crawled into my bed and i sang her to
sleep :)

they dress them up in the same outfit, so cute.
heidi giving ashley a kiss.
heidi and ashleys step brother.
omg so adorable.

For Labor Day I went to bakersfield, I didn't want to go but my aunt convinced me to go because
she said she would take me to the mall when we got there. I gave in because I knew my dad wasn't going to let me stay because I stayed last time they went. I got some stuff from victoria secret as well as forever 21(the pictures are only forever 21)


black cardigan $14.80

gray sweatshirt $19.80
Blue and Black jeans $14.50
3set rings: $3.00 (i think) nail polish:$1.00 or 2.00 (i think)
and aldo glasses:$12.00

When I came back from bakersfield on Wednesday, I wen to hilltop mall with my friends
 Perla and Sessi (of course after we ate BK). We ended up going present shopping for some one special ;)
(this actually might have been another day we go to the mall all the time I cant remember anymore lol)

Hilltop Mall
my hand
I was driving my car and thought my hand look cute so i took a picture.
Sessi and my hand
This is while we were at hilltop mall smelling some cologne.
( rings and nail polish from forever 21)

Today Jahaziel, Sessi, Perla and I, went to the concord mall ( of course after we ate In n Out) and  I got me some glasses from Aldo because my friend Perla kept showing off her glasses she had gotten a couple days before. 

Today: Concord Mall
Lady Gaga

perla and I

Perlas glasses are hilarious
Perla and her lady gaga glasses lmao

lady gaga glasses at Zumies
Perla and I with our Aldo glasses
"nos creemos bien mucho"
"see my glasses come in their little aldo's bag"-Perla

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