Sunday, February 27, 2011

9 Random Facts

One day, as I was walking to my car from my class I noticed I was smiling at everyone who passed by me and so I decided to write things down on my phone that I noticed about myself and this is what I came up with.

9 Random Facts: About ME
1. Im a neat freak (but not to the extreme)
2. I LOVE food 
3. I like to find out peoples middle names ( its interesting)
4. I tend to smile at people all the time (smiling is my favorite)
5. Im not a real talker im more of a listener.
6. I seem to be attracted to guys with nice smiles :)
7. I have the Nicolas curse ( I spill something on my shirt almost everytime I eat. But so does everyone else in my family.)
8. I love dancing. <3
9. Im a little too nice, it takes alot to get me mad. (but when I get mad I get mad!) 

Friday, February 25, 2011

family and friends

Anniversary Dinner: Elephant Bar
meet part of my family.

My little brother and I.

 Jenny, Me, and Seci.

Dad, Older Brother, Little brother.

<3 this picture
Aunt,mom, dad

My little cousin Daniela

The Happy Couple
Uncle, Aunt.

The brothers aka My auncles and Dad

My lovely parents.

Older brother and dad.

after party at my house.

Fentons Creamery.

<3 Joel and Seci.

<3 Perla and her boyfriend Daniel

                         First time I drove Freeway: Thanks Perla :)          

Sessi's Bridal shower.

Sessi arriving at the party.

Seci and Sessi .

Sessi waiting for the game to start.

Toilet paper wedding dress.

Perla and I. 
<3 Perla and her boo Danny.

<3 Rigo and Sessi opening presents.

when in doubt dance in socks.