Thursday, December 30, 2010

Im back!

So let me bring you up to date with what's going on with me. Since I haven't updated this since September and it is now December about to be January. WOOPS!


So on October 9th, I went to Club Pura in San Francisco with my friend Melissa. It was actually my first time going to a club. (im not lying) It was soo much fun I did alot of dancing and I met a new friend ;)

Meli and I 
Melissa, Daisy, Marisol

On November 12th, I went to the OMG usher concert with Melissa! Let me tell you it was insane! I had a little bit too much fun. I literally knew all the songs that he sang start to finish so of course I sang them ALL! (more like scream) oh yeahs and we got our pictures taken by Wild 94.9 our local radio station so I thought we were hella cool lol.( picture below)

Meli and I about to go into the concert.

in our seat waiting for the concert to start.

December.... I dont think I did anything special. Just the usual hang with my friend Perla and shop!
My Aunt Marisol and her whole family left to Mexico to live there :( Im going to miss them sooo much! hopefully will see each other soon!. My family also spread my aunts ashes who passed away on November 9th 2009 and so we had a family reunion.

and I saved the best news for last!

Rigo and Sessi
awww! I love sessi and im so happy she found the love of her life and they both want to spend the rest of their lives together! Perla and I cryed when she told us! and I cant wait till her big day!  Im so happy that I had the chance to go wedding dress shopping with her it means alot because I consider Perla, Angie, and her like the sister I never had.

Let me just say her dress is beautiful (of course cause shes wearing it and her body is banging! lol)
the bridemaid dresses are soooo pretty I love them and im glad I get to wear one ( woo thanks sessi !)

well thats it for now. Will see what the future holds! till next time bye :)

p.s I would have cooler pictures but I accidently deleted all the pictures from my camera :(

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