Sunday, February 27, 2011

9 Random Facts

One day, as I was walking to my car from my class I noticed I was smiling at everyone who passed by me and so I decided to write things down on my phone that I noticed about myself and this is what I came up with.

9 Random Facts: About ME
1. Im a neat freak (but not to the extreme)
2. I LOVE food 
3. I like to find out peoples middle names ( its interesting)
4. I tend to smile at people all the time (smiling is my favorite)
5. Im not a real talker im more of a listener.
6. I seem to be attracted to guys with nice smiles :)
7. I have the Nicolas curse ( I spill something on my shirt almost everytime I eat. But so does everyone else in my family.)
8. I love dancing. <3
9. Im a little too nice, it takes alot to get me mad. (but when I get mad I get mad!) 

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