Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sessi's Wedding.

 Sessi and Rigo got married March 19, 2011 

It was a little cold I guess because a day before it had hailed in Richmond, CA!!  
so much that it looked like it had snowed! 
"little story about that day": Perla and I went to Target just before the storm hit. We were in Perlas car and she had her windows cracked so her windows wouldn't fog up.....and thats when it happened a drop of water hit my face at the exact same time thunder hit! I started screaming 
which of course wasn't the case, but it was a good laugh...lol good times! 

Anyways heres some pictures of Rigo and Sessi's wedding
(only a few pictures cause these are special :) )

she looked gorgeous :)

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